The Last Gatekeeper is a three-act, Afro-futurist, extended-reality enhanced musical inspired by the teachings of West African shaman Malidoma Somé. The term Gatekeeper refers to the indigenous belief that those who express themselves as SGL maintain the portals between the physical and spiritual world. 

The musical was initially developed at Tofte Lake Center in 2018 and had a virtual reading in collaboration with The Gatekeepers Collective in 2020. The musical will have a workshop with The Tank in the fall. 

Brown Liquor and Blessed Oil, is a soul and gospel-infused visual album exploring the intersection of spirituality and sexuality within the SGL/Queer African American, same-gender-loving community. 

The visual album will consist of eight fully produced music videos each featuring a New York City-based, SGL, African American artist focusing on such themes as religion, coming out, spiritual abuse, re-defining divinity, and sexual exploration.